Aerowaves artist 2018
Onassis Air-Critical Practices Resident 2020

Aris Papadopoulos is a dancer, maker and performer based in Athens. He studied at the School of Architecture Athens (NTUA, 2009) and the National School of Dance, Athens (2012) and has since been active in the fields of dance and performing arts in Greece and abroad, alternating between the roles of dancer, devising-performer and maker of his own work individually and in collaboration. He was selected as Aerowaves Twenty18 through his artistic collaboration arisandmartha. In 2020 he participated as a resident artist in the first year of the Onassis AiR-Critical Practices artistic research program.

In recent years he has engaged himself with the multidisciplinary groups and artists Arbonauts (UK), HIMHERANDIT Productions – Andreas Constantinou (DK), Pietro Marullo (BΕ), with foundations and art institutions, including Flux Laboratory (CH, ATH) and Palais de Tokyo (FR), METROPOLIS-Copenhagen International theatre (DK) as well as with artists Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Vitoria Kotsalou, Dora Garcia, Clara Borg, Alessandro Carboni and Michael Klien.

He is very keen on the notion of landscape as a cultural construction and juxtaposition of both man-made and natural environments, therefore seeing it as a heavily charged field of potentiality for action, exploration, playfulness, and composition, and is distilling that into his own experimentations through visuals, movement and walking practices. His current personal interest and artistic research explore the multitude of visual and physical

representations of everyday encounters with the urban landscape, the designing of processes and concept – writing on interdisciplinary approaches on public space, and the reciprocal scheme of embodying landscape vs shaping an experience.





Aerowaves Artist 2018
ARTWORKS Fellow 2019 – Niarchos Foundation

Martha is a dance artist from Greece. She holds a BA in dance by the Professional Dance School of N. Kontaxaki in Athens, a Chemistry degree by the National University of Athens, and an MA in Performance by London Contemporary Dance School. Her practice lies on the design of improvisation scores, the observation of performer’s experiential journey, and the embodiment of conscious and subconscious interrelations.

Since 2010 she has worked with choreographers such as Wally Cardona, Robert Clark, Eva Recacha, Pietro Marullo, Iris Karayan, Christos Papadopoulos, Sung Im Her, Ermira Goro, Michael Klien, Seke Chimutengende, Leila McMillan, Roberta Jean, Requardt & Rosenberg and with the artists Tino Sehgal (Palais de Tokyo/ Athens Roman Agora/ Tate Modern), Stefanos Tsivopoulos (Kalfayan Galleries) and Marina Abramovic (Benaki Museum/ Serpentine Gallery). She has received scholarships by A. Onassis, I. Kostopoulos and Schilizzi Foundations and in 2015 she was a Danceweb scholarship recipient by Impulstanz international dance festival in Vienna (mentors, Jennifer Lacey, Alice Chauchat).

In 2017, along with Aris Papadopoulos, they created the company arisandmartha as the artistic collaboration between the two, exploring togetherness on stage and experimenting with movement and performative language under different conceptual ideas. They have created the works touching.just (Aerowaves 2018), Five Steps to Save the World (2018), Lucy. tutorial for a ritual (Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2019) and ALL THAT MATTER or notes on performing friendship (2022). Martha is a 2019/20 ARTWORKS Fellow by S. Niarchos Foundation.


Eliza Alexandropoulou _ Light Design
Maria Sideri _ Sound Design
Anastasio Koukoutas _ Artistic Collaborator, Dramaturg
Dimitra Liakoura _ Set and Costume Design

Periklis Pravitas _ Set and Costume Design