an extended choreographic research 2022


Excavation – Transfer – Deposit
Drawing from the three basic actions related inherently to a quarry’s function, we use them as a basic structural scheme of this research as well as a way of organising our own ‘excavations’, archival material and input generated by the site’s users, visitors, invited artists or others.


The first stage of the project is about what we discover on site. Treating once again the former quarry as an
excavation site we aim at discovering its current uses, ways in which humans or non-humans occupy and
practice public space and how or where does that experience log in their own body as embodied memory
and knowledge. The Excavation is happening by three actors on site. Initially through our own observations,
analysis and processing, secondly through explorations of other invited visitors as documented responses to a given score, and lastly by interviewing and collecting practices by everyday users on site.
The input gathered on the excavation stage is threefold:
1. Own observations & reflections
2. Input by invited visitors as documented responses to
a given score
3. Collecting practices by everyday users on site



Transfer is the second stage of the project referring to how extracted material in various forms (texts, imagery, video documentation, recordings and interviews) gathered during the previous phase, are being processed, combined or simply used or practiced elsewhere, out of site. Be it online, in the studio or in other private spaces. 

////// DEPOSIT

The final stage of the project is how processed material, the product of multiple interpretations and transformations is being deposited on-line as library of dances, a collection of imaginary landscapes and a database of shared practices.